28 Sep 2009

Needle point meets pop culture.

Hello to you all, hope you had a fab weekend, did you sleep well? Good, but next time you find it difficult to nod off at night instead of counting sheep or reading a book, or what ever you like to do to help induce sleep, how about trying your hand at one of these great tapestry designs, made by stitch up designs
The six tapestry kits above have been created by Alex who recently started a tapestry kit company that specializes in modern designs inspired by pop cultural trends such as skulls, union Jacks and graffiti.
Having been unable to find designs that fitted her taste, Alex set about making her own designs, and after a great response from friends and family to the skull design, Alex wondered if she had accidentally stumbled on to a good idea for a new business and things have grown from there.
The range currently comprises of six designs that are quick and easy to complete, the canvas comes pre-printed with user friendly instructions included. Alex says she wants people who have never bought a kit before to be tempted to give it a go and discover the pleasure that comes with making something special with their own hands, and apparently it is a good way of relaxing and aiding a good night sleep as well!
Personaly I love the butterfly kit with the vivd pink back ground, what would be your choice, the skull maybe or the union Jack?
Currently available from Alex's Etsy shop here and also from Liberty, John Lewis, and rockettstgeorge.co.uk

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  1. Those are so great! I love the union jack 'home' one. I've always loved tapestry pillows, but generally the designs in kits aren't to my taste, so these are just fab!x


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