30 Sep 2009

Do you have a favourite cook book?

Having just been to see the Julie & Julia film, at the weekend, and liked it (its the kind of film that you just smile through the whole way) it got me thinking.... do you have a cook book that you always refer to when needing a recipe? Mine ,it turn out is The Dairy Book of Home Cookery , first published in 1968 by Sonia Allison and was a book that my mum had on her shelf... up until I got married and then it some how found its way into my kitchen, strangely all the recipes I use seem to be puddings and cakes, my most used being Tea scones and Bread and Butter Pudding, its not fancy cooking like in Julie and Julia, but honest to goodness stuff.

Its still available on amazon today along with more from the Author Sonia Allison. So whats your favourite, is it someone like Jamie Oliver or do you prefer the old favourites like Mrs. Beeton

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  1. Hi,

    I just happened upon your blog, I really like it and so will be following.
    Anyway I was reading through and spotted "The Dairy Book of Home Cookery." I have this book, my mum gave it to me after I asked her for recipes. I was a little taken aback because it is such an old book - well mine is anyway!
    I have to say the only recipes I use from it, are soups, so I may have to take it out and look through the scone section.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Laura x


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