10 Sep 2009

Chair update. To paint or not to Paint.

If you are a regular reader you may remember that as of this Monday coming I will be starting an upholstery course, and the piece of furniture that I hope to breath new life into will be a chair that has spent the last 18 or so years in the attic, well here is a little up date for you, its been stripped of its tatty seating and padding, (by me!) sanded back and is now ready to be painted. Although if the men in my life had there way (and by men I mean my Dad and Brother) it would not be painted black! " its a lovely piece of wood" said my Dad, its just spent the best years of its life in the attic with no one bothered about it! So Yes I want to paint it black and add bright bold fabric to it to give it a fun lively young feel.
So one trip to B&Q later and here is the primer and paint to start the transformation, I have chosen a Matt black for wood so hope this does the trick, probably be starting this over the weekend.
What are your thoughts on painting furniture? love it or hate it....

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