30 Sep 2009

Do you have a favourite cook book?

Having just been to see the Julie & Julia film, at the weekend, and liked it (its the kind of film that you just smile through the whole way) it got me thinking.... do you have a cook book that you always refer to when needing a recipe? Mine ,it turn out is The Dairy Book of Home Cookery , first published in 1968 by Sonia Allison and was a book that my mum had on her shelf... up until I got married and then it some how found its way into my kitchen, strangely all the recipes I use seem to be puddings and cakes, my most used being Tea scones and Bread and Butter Pudding, its not fancy cooking like in Julie and Julia, but honest to goodness stuff.

Its still available on amazon today along with more from the Author Sonia Allison. So whats your favourite, is it someone like Jamie Oliver or do you prefer the old favourites like Mrs. Beeton

28 Sep 2009

Needle point meets pop culture.

Hello to you all, hope you had a fab weekend, did you sleep well? Good, but next time you find it difficult to nod off at night instead of counting sheep or reading a book, or what ever you like to do to help induce sleep, how about trying your hand at one of these great tapestry designs, made by stitch up designs
The six tapestry kits above have been created by Alex who recently started a tapestry kit company that specializes in modern designs inspired by pop cultural trends such as skulls, union Jacks and graffiti.
Having been unable to find designs that fitted her taste, Alex set about making her own designs, and after a great response from friends and family to the skull design, Alex wondered if she had accidentally stumbled on to a good idea for a new business and things have grown from there.
The range currently comprises of six designs that are quick and easy to complete, the canvas comes pre-printed with user friendly instructions included. Alex says she wants people who have never bought a kit before to be tempted to give it a go and discover the pleasure that comes with making something special with their own hands, and apparently it is a good way of relaxing and aiding a good night sleep as well!
Personaly I love the butterfly kit with the vivd pink back ground, what would be your choice, the skull maybe or the union Jack?
Currently available from Alex's Etsy shop here and also from Liberty, John Lewis, and rockettstgeorge.co.uk

25 Sep 2009

Friday Folksy Finds

Click on a picture to take you to shop

Well I'm back with my second installment of Friday Folksy Finds, and thanks to those who emailed to take part. I added a couple of extras that caught my eye while having a wander through Folksy, there are so many talented people about its difficult to choose just a few! Whats your favourite?

23 Sep 2009

A vintage Autumn

There is something about having vintage objects around the home that makes a girl feel special,
and kind of romantic, like you have just stepped into an old black and white love story, I can just picture myself laying in a deep filed bath of rich bubbles poured from the lovey glass storage jar (top picture) and the little bird soap dish sitting on the side of my bath, though I would probably have my huge vintage diamond ring placed carefully in it instead of soap. ah well I can but dream..... oh wait whats that? Graham & Green have a 10% discount off when you quote A9AAUTM online until the 5Th of October, better get over there right now!
Glass storage jar £24.95
Black clock £145.00
Mirror £695.00
Bird soap dish £8.95
Green cushion £27.00

21 Sep 2009

Colours of Autumn

picture credits Bhs
The trees are starting to turn lovely shades of reds and Ambers at the moment, although as I type this the weather outside has been more like summer this last few weeks than the rest of summer put together. Even though I have spent all of the summer waiting for it to start, September makes me want to start getting all snugglery again, warm fabric to brush over, soft blankets to warp around you on chilly evenings, slippers to slip your feet into on colder mornings instead of the coolness of the kitchen floor, blackberry and apple crumbles to eat, at least thats what came into my mind when I spotted these lovely colours from theAutumn 2009/10 range from BHS.

18 Sep 2009

Friday Folksy Finds

This weeks Friday Folksy Finds is all about the art of lino cut printing, which I have to say I find fascinating.

Anemone By Zoo

Paisley Tree by Zoo

huts On Faro By Alison

Want to learn how to make lino cut prints your self? Pop on over to folksy where you can find a tutorial on the very subject just click here If you are interested in finding more great art like these on folksy just type in "lino cut" in the search box to see more.

17 Sep 2009

upholstery obsession

The source of this chair escapes me

I have become ever so slightly obsessed with all things upholstered of late, this being down to the short course I have enrolled on, which is part of my grand plan to some how get into interior styling/decorating/design or maybe stylist photography not sure of the correct term, but any hows, I'm constantly looking for inspiration and ideas for projects to do, so here are just a few that have popped up in my google reader this week, you may have already seen them about but I think they are worth a second shout about. I love the the chairs from Spruce if I can turn my Little chair that I intend to do into something like these chair pictured I will be very chuffed with myself. I do like the idea of using traditional methods and updating with modern colours and fabrics.

Via Dwelling and Decor from Spruce

Design Sponge
Design Sponge

The head board from Design sponge is great! and if you pop on over to the blog, there is a step by step video to help you along the way, another thing to add to my to do list of projects!

15 Sep 2009

Quick catch up.

Hi all I know its Wednesday and I have not posted anything as yet this week, but my head is buzzing with all the new things I have been learning this week, as you may have read before, this month sees the start of a couple of short courses that I am doing this Autumn. The first being the upholstery course which I started on Monday, and the second was yesterday, a flower arranging course, so my head is filed with all these new things, like magnetic tack hammer, and tack remover, gimp (which I'm still not sure what it is, but apparently I need some, google that later) then there is florist's frogs, and oasis, and names of flowers and leaves that I have to find for next week, so its all go here.
Hopefully I will have some photos to upload by the end of the week, in the mean time I spotted this great chair over at Apartment Therapy and thought wow what a riot of colour!

I'm discovering that while i do like more traditional styles of furniture, I also like a little injection of something more modern, and marrying the two together seems to be doing it for me, not sure how the other ladies will feel when I tell them that I intend to paint my old chair black! So far they are all restoring items of furniture and going down the very traditional route of restoring the wood and adding very traditional fabric and colours.

11 Sep 2009

Friday Folksy Find

Welcome to Friday Folksy Finds, my new post for Fridays, I spend a fair bit of time checking out the very talented people who sell on Folksy/Etsy, so I thought I would share some of my favourite finds with you, hope you enjoy them too.

By penny spooner ceramics

By Amy Blackwell

My personal favourite is the bottom picture, but then I would as I have red hair! Got any favourites of your own to share?

10 Sep 2009

Chair update. To paint or not to Paint.

If you are a regular reader you may remember that as of this Monday coming I will be starting an upholstery course, and the piece of furniture that I hope to breath new life into will be a chair that has spent the last 18 or so years in the attic, well here is a little up date for you, its been stripped of its tatty seating and padding, (by me!) sanded back and is now ready to be painted. Although if the men in my life had there way (and by men I mean my Dad and Brother) it would not be painted black! " its a lovely piece of wood" said my Dad, its just spent the best years of its life in the attic with no one bothered about it! So Yes I want to paint it black and add bright bold fabric to it to give it a fun lively young feel.
So one trip to B&Q later and here is the primer and paint to start the transformation, I have chosen a Matt black for wood so hope this does the trick, probably be starting this over the weekend.
What are your thoughts on painting furniture? love it or hate it....

I discovered...

While I was buying paint from B&Q today, I also collected the free monthly Isle magazine, (a free island life paper) and I'm so glad I did. In the homes and interiors section I discovered Abigail Ahern and her take on interior design, which I have to say seems some what more laid back them most designers! I love her style, and after reading through the article discovered her website and then her blog which I have added to my ever growing blog list, and if that wasn't enough, I discovered she also has a book out which sounds right up my street, what with painting my chair black and all... the book is called A Girls Guide to Decorating and if you click on the book below, you will be able to see a quick video of her chatting about the book.
Abigail is also currently a guest blogger on mydeco which you can find by clicking here

I'm loving her already I'm sure you will too! This book is on my wish list!

9 Sep 2009

New post for Fridays.

I'm sure you have all heard of Folksy, the online market place for craft and design talent to show case and sell their work. Well after spending more time then I care to admit to flicking through all the lovely home made items brought together by so many talented people, I have decided to create a new posting that will start this Friday called..... wait for it...drum roll please... Friday Folksy Finds.

So if you sell on Folksy and would like to be featured then do drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

Trends: A/W 2009/10

This Autumn Orange is set to be the colour of the moment, a joyful slightly cheeky colour I think, not one to be ignored, use it as a quick pick me up in a room, or team burnt orange with grey for a more softer look, go pale peach for a feminine feel, or really go for it with bright energetic zingy orange.

3 Sep 2009

Impulse buy.

Yesterday while in town, I spotted these lovely sheets of wrapping paper, and my immediate thought was these would make great posters to put in frames. I bought them in the Jersey Pottery shop in St. Helier, but on further investigation found they are also available online from this great site www.nineteenseventythree.com, check out the site where the photos will be much better than these offerings of mine, the grey clouds outside meant for really bad light today.

1 Sep 2009

Magazine of the month.

Well its the first of September, and after spending a great Bank holiday on the beach yesterday, today feels a little on the chilly side. Well fear not as the October issue of the Good Homes Magazine will get you in the mood for Autumn cosiness, with their front page showcasing warm Autumn colours of russets and pale greys, and using soft textures to create a homely haven, its sure to ease you into the chillier days.

Have you considered a solid fuel stove to warm your toes next to in the winter months? Then check out the selection of stoves in this months magazine on page113-115

I'm loving the 1950s style dishwasher from Smeg on page 12, plus 10% goes to breakthrough Breast Cancer, as October is Brest Cancer awareness month, check out page 12 for more great ways to treat yourself and donate to this great charity. Plus how to add colour to your garden through the winter months, three easy knitting patterns, this seasons interior trends and loads more stuff...go get your copy now!

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