17 Aug 2009

Light Love.

I'm loving pendent lights right now, and I particularly like the cluster light (above) ever since I spotted them in the kitchen design on the first show of the last series of The Home Show, (that home re-design is still my favourite) Available from ww.bodieandfou.com , and Designed by Kathleen Hills, each shade is made of bone china, and these lights are said to gives a fantastic translucent quality when lit. The strings of lights can be hung as clusters but they can also be displayed as bunches or trailed along walls or ceilings on little hooks. The standard length of cluster is 700mm from ceiling to base of shade for a cluster of 4 or 8. However they can be made shorter if specified at the the time of your order. Available in 4, 8, 12 and 16 strings. Includes china ceiling and white satin twisted flex. Oh nearly forgot, start at £215.00 for a 4 string cluster.
This next light if from a great little site which I came across the other day while looking at tea towels, www.funkyolive.co.uk. The Battersea Pendant Light, is a charming pendant style lantern and would look fabulous hanging over a kitchen or dining room table. I rather like the one above which is in the colour of Dolphin Grey, the name alone just conjures up images of a coastal seaside home don't you think?.....dolphine cottage, dolphine cove.... um... yes back down to earth...,though it would look fab in any home. The lanterns measure approximately 35cm in diameter and come with 2 metres of braided cable supplied, and is a steal at £49.99!
How about the charm and style of this external fishing light, with the advantage of looking wonderful hanging anywhere in your home, and for indoor or outdoor use. Available from The Contemporary Home website www.tch.net, and jut £54.99. Another dreamy image poping into my head.....

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