13 Aug 2009

Inspired by a good cuppa

Whether its an ooh... or an ahhh..., nothing beats a good cup of Tea, personally tea is my all time favourite drink, and much to the amusement of my Husband I have been known to order a cuppa at the pub! So today I feel like celebrating the good old cuppa with some eye caddy for you. (Get it..tea caddy, eye caddy... maybe one too many cups all ready today.)

Top to bottom
Poster by Catherine Colebrook £15.00
Tea sign http://www.vintageamethyst.co.uk/ £6.50
Bunting http://www.aspace.co.uk/ £15.00
Tea cosy http://www.funkyolive.co.uk/ £36.00
Tea towel http://www.lumme.co.uk/ £17.00


  1. I'm not a tea drinker, but I do love all of the bits that go with tea drinking.
    You have featured some lovely things.

  2. You come from up North and you dont drink tea...!


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