30 Aug 2009

Weekend round up.

Well I hope you have all had a great weekend, getting out and about where you live making the most of the remaining days of Summer. I visited an antiques fair this weekend, and a food festival, and meeting with friends on bank holiday Monday (so back on tuesday) What have you been up to, anything nice?

In the last few days its got decidedly chilly in the mornings and evenings, marking the onset of dare I say Autumn, and my toes are feeling the chill, I cant believe I actually contemplated buying winter boots the other day! I'll hang on for another week or two and take the Que from when my toes start turning blue....

On another note, I would like to say a BIG "hello" to all the new people who have have stopped by recently, and if you leave a comment it will show up in the new comment box to the left of the main post area, great for others to click through to your blogs, currently down comforter is my biggest fan!

I have had some really nice comments and emails lately which always puts a smile on my face, so a big thank you to those of you who have emailed me, and I have discovered a couple of local bloggers which is great to find, Lou Lou & Oscar, and area thrifty one who I met at the craft and farmers market here.

Well with September on its way, that can only mean one thing, new trends for autumn and winter 2009/2010, and over the next couple of weeks I will be having a look at whats in store for us this winter, I'm also thinking of decorating my bedroom, taking inspiration for the throw that I bought in France a few weeks back so I might share some themes with you all, have to wait and see....then of course there is the progress on the attic chair which I am getting ready for its big make over, sanding has already started on the frame, and the old seating has been removed, I'll be on the look out for some suitable paint for it, and some new fabric, some thing bright and colourful I think... well that's if for now folks enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Oh and hello to www.runawaycoast.com

25 Aug 2009

Upholstery Love.

Fully Restored Antique Chaise. circa 1880. Patchwork Cover in Designers Guild and other fabrics.

I'm on full alert for anything upholstered at the moment (see post below) and when this image popped up in my e-mail this morning it really made me sit up and take notice, and when I skipped on over to the website, well a whole stream of Oohs and ahhs and wows flowed from my lips.
Bright colours of patch work, and velvets adorn the seats of lovingly restored chairs and sofas, designer Deborah Swift's love of antique furniture and opulent fabrics inspired her to create "Couch" As velvet is a fabric that is set to be in the lime light for Autumn/winter 2009/10 these beauties wont be sitting around for long!

24 Aug 2009

Upholstery inspiration.

Making it Lovely

This week I have been showing more than a passing interest in upholstered chairs, as you may recall , I intend to start an upholstery course in September at my local College. the lovely orange chair caught my eye over at www.makingitlovely.com and the other one I think I spotted on Apartment Therapy.
The chair below is the one I will be working on, and I pulled it out of the attic over the weekend in preparation of my fast approaching course start date. Its in a real sorry state, and I'm not sure what is going on with the underside, but it looks like its been shot with a shot gun three times! Nothing to do with my family, it was in the house when my parents moved in. Its also been attacked by woodworm at some point in its life, and I'm wondering if when I repaint it, the holes should be filled in, or if I should keep them as a celebration of its life or something like that.

I'm thinking of painting it a black, or may be a charcoal colour, and a bright vibrant colour on the seat.

Whats your view on woodworm holes, fill them in or keep them as part of the history of the chair.
By the way, is when you are reading this blog post and you spot that the chair in question is a really valuable antique worth thousands of pounds, do stop me before I paint it and render it totally worthless wont you! ( who am I kidding, chance would be a fine thing)

23 Aug 2009

Craft and Market day

Well I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, the sun was shinning yesterday and I popped down to the local Farmers and Craft market in St. Aubins, just to have a wonder around you understand, but the stall holders where out in force, music was playing, lovely food smells where wafting in the air, and some of my favourite stalls where there displaying all the type of things I love, hand crafted, hand painted, homemade, and needless to say my money did not stay in my purse very long! I spotted the stall of Anna Le Sueur, you may recall she featured earlier on in the year here ,and I just had to have one of the gorgeous little sewing tidy cats (below). Isn't it lovely?

I also spotted the stall of Nanette Regan of Area Thrifty One, who designs and makes lovely soft toys and dolls, and I have added one of these dolls to my wish list, you can just about make it out in the picture below with the pink arrow pointing at it; a sassy little rag doll with lost of character and charm, a doll for big girls like me I think! You can see more of these lovely creations here, here, and on flickr here.

21 Aug 2009

Design with kelly Hoppen

How would you like the chance to learn from one of the leading ladies in interior design? Well look no further than Kelly Hoppens 5 day fully inclusive master class. This Autumn the class is set to run from 28 September- 2nd October, or 26th -30 October 2009. The course takes place at Kelly's studio in Notting Hill to groups of 10 students, and Kelly herself will be guiding you ever step of the way, helping you to create a design for your own home. For more info click here
If you fancy your chances of winning a master class with Kelly then Raffle.It are giving your the chance to buy a ticket and be entered into a drew to win the course. http://raffle.it/raffles/20030

Polaroid lover Unite!

If you love Polaroid Cameras then this may just make you very happy! Urban Outfitters has teamed up with The Impossible Project to help save the Polaroid camera, and to hopefully bring back the instant film in 2010. This is great news to me as the Polaroid has recently become one of my new Obsessions in life, and to date trying to get my hands on any film is proving to be just a little frustrating, so I watch in eager anticipation to see the result. For more info just click here and here.

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17 Aug 2009

Light Love.

I'm loving pendent lights right now, and I particularly like the cluster light (above) ever since I spotted them in the kitchen design on the first show of the last series of The Home Show, (that home re-design is still my favourite) Available from ww.bodieandfou.com , and Designed by Kathleen Hills, each shade is made of bone china, and these lights are said to gives a fantastic translucent quality when lit. The strings of lights can be hung as clusters but they can also be displayed as bunches or trailed along walls or ceilings on little hooks. The standard length of cluster is 700mm from ceiling to base of shade for a cluster of 4 or 8. However they can be made shorter if specified at the the time of your order. Available in 4, 8, 12 and 16 strings. Includes china ceiling and white satin twisted flex. Oh nearly forgot, start at £215.00 for a 4 string cluster.
This next light if from a great little site which I came across the other day while looking at tea towels, www.funkyolive.co.uk. The Battersea Pendant Light, is a charming pendant style lantern and would look fabulous hanging over a kitchen or dining room table. I rather like the one above which is in the colour of Dolphin Grey, the name alone just conjures up images of a coastal seaside home don't you think?.....dolphine cottage, dolphine cove.... um... yes back down to earth...,though it would look fab in any home. The lanterns measure approximately 35cm in diameter and come with 2 metres of braided cable supplied, and is a steal at £49.99!
How about the charm and style of this external fishing light, with the advantage of looking wonderful hanging anywhere in your home, and for indoor or outdoor use. Available from The Contemporary Home website www.tch.net, and jut £54.99. Another dreamy image poping into my head.....

Amy Butler...busy busy busy

If you are a fan of Amy Butler, and lets face it, who could resits the unmistakable style of this lady, then you will probably already be aware that this summer Amy is delighted to introduce to you her selection of rugs, 19 in all based on her fabric and bedding prints. Hand made and hand tufted from 100% new Zealand wool, and each one absolutely stunning! To check out more designs just click here.
Amy is also taking part in a creative tour of the UK as I type, and has a few date still left on her agenda so why not pop along, more info here

13 Aug 2009

Inspired by a good cuppa

Whether its an ooh... or an ahhh..., nothing beats a good cup of Tea, personally tea is my all time favourite drink, and much to the amusement of my Husband I have been known to order a cuppa at the pub! So today I feel like celebrating the good old cuppa with some eye caddy for you. (Get it..tea caddy, eye caddy... maybe one too many cups all ready today.)

Top to bottom
Poster by Catherine Colebrook £15.00
Tea sign http://www.vintageamethyst.co.uk/ £6.50
Bunting http://www.aspace.co.uk/ £15.00
Tea cosy http://www.funkyolive.co.uk/ £36.00
Tea towel http://www.lumme.co.uk/ £17.00

11 Aug 2009

Ideas Home magazine

I am feeling rather lazy this week, and the thought of flicking through a pile of home magazines and trying to decide which one should end up as my choice for (September) Magazine of the Month seemed all to much like hard work (I think I'm still in holiday mode) so a quick twitter for help, and Will over at Bright Bazaar suggested Ideal home, and I have to say its a great choice. Absolutely jam packed from cover to cover, which includes inspiration from Kelly Hoppen and info on her design school, great reader homes to pour over, (I love the Kitchen on page 38/39) creating a feature wall, (love the black board Wall on page 78), take a tour around the home of Catherine and Mark Colebook, (see her website here) gosh there is so much in this magazine, just go get yourself one!

8 Aug 2009

Snaps of Holiday in France

Well my Husband and I are back from our little summer break in France. We had five jam packed days staying with our Friends at their little holiday cottage, just outside Saint Malo. The first day we spent in the old part of saint Malo doing a bit of clothes shopping, watching the street entertainer's, and it was while here that I came across these windows filled to the brim with old suit cases and books, and couldn't resist taking a snap shot of them, I just love those old suit cases and the old worn colours of them, can you imagine the smell of old leather?

On another day we went around one of the many French markets, I love the markets, the air filled with street cooking and garlic sausages, and people selling there wares to tourist and locals alike. While on the way back through the market I spotted a stall selling bedding, and I bought a lovely throw for my bed. I like to buy things while I'm away that will remind me of our time spent there, not touristy things but things I will hopefully treasure in my home. I feel a make over for my bedroom coming on!

This fine specimen was spotted strutting his stuff around the Zoo de champrepus, our friends children loved it, not sure it was for the animals or the bouncy castles! Anyway a great day out for all.

I picked up these homes magazines while at the harbour waiting for our boat trip back home, actually I could of bought a whole stack home with me, but resisted the urge, though I do think another trip is on the card before the Summer is over, just so I can stock up on some French home style, after all Jersey is so close to France and a little French style is bound to cross over!

1 Aug 2009

Cook with Gwyneth

I'm off for a few days holiday to France on Sunday, but before I go I thought I would post this lovely recipe that I spotted over at Goop, Gwyneth Paltrows blog/website. Now I know she has had a lot of stick about this site, but I really like the salad she makes in this video, and yes the way she makes her crispy roast potatoes is bang on, I always do mine that way. So while I'm away why not have a go your selves!

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