23 Jul 2009

Celebrating style.

The bentwood chair, 150 years on and still hard to beat. In 1859 Michael Thonet introduced this chair to the world as an affordable chair for the masses, and it has been in continues production since then. Join in the celebrations here before August 31st 2009

The first Vipp bin saw the light of day in 1939 when Holger Nielsen created it for his wife Marie’s hairdressing salon. Vipp is celebrating its 70th anniversary by producing a miniature model of Holger Nielsen’s original Vipp pedal bin . The Vipp 70th Anniversary Edition has been produced in a scale of 1:5 and in a limited series of 400 numbered copies. So collectors on your marks...

Anglepoise is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the first 1227 Anglepoise® lamp. To mark this occasion the original Anglepoise lamp from 1934 designed by George Carwardine is to be relaunched. This coincides with Anglepoise's 75th Anniversary and also the launch of 10 Royal Mail stamps that celebrate British Design icons including the Mini and the Concorde.

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