22 Jun 2009

your Home magazine

Well one week off lead into two, but now I'm back, batteries renewed, and I'm rearing to go, so first up, a bit late in the month I know but its my Magazine of the month, and my choice for the month of July is a budget breaking steal of a deal at only £1.99, and it is Your Home magazine (http://www.yhmag.co.uk/) I have to admit that Your home is not on my top list of Homes magazines but the price caught my eye, and once I flicked through the pages realised its got plenty to offer, so if you haven't picked up a mag this month, Your Home is well worth the £1.99. The pull out section in the middle is a real bonus, Done in a day projects, step by step furniture face lift, learn new skills, Home maintenance and make do and mend. And if that little lot is not enough for you, how about 43 reader homes and makeovers to pour over, tasty summer recipes, 533 style on a shoestring, and the chance to win prizes!

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