21 May 2009

Wooden heart.

Hearts made of drift wood and twigs are very popular at the moment for creating a beach or cottage feel in the home. While at the grand designs Live show recently I spotted some really great drift wood items by Box Brownie Trading, I almost bought some but as we traveled over by plane, was limited on what I could carry back with home.
On a recent trip around the lanes where I live (in an effort to loose some extra unwanted pounds) the twigs on the ground reminded me of these beautiful hearts, and as we walked around I decided to collect some. This is now the beginnings of my next craft project

For this project you will need.
  • One or two walks around some nice country lanes/parks.
  • A pile of thinnish dry twigs.
  • Glue suitable for wood, I used Evo-stick wood adhesive.
  • A small saw to cut the twigs into 3" lenghts, or there abouts.
  • A heart template to follow
  • And plenty of patience as this is a slow process.
Once you have your pile of twigs, draw a heart template on a pieces of paper, this is so you can follow the shape around with the twigs.
Place your first layer on the template to see how it looks, if you are happy with this, start to glue the next layer on top to join the twigs together, this is a really slow process unless you have really fast drying glue, and can be done over a few days.
Build up the layers until you have the desired effect. This is still work in progress but you get the general idea.
Happy heart making!

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  1. great idea...i am constantly picking sticks up from my yard and throwing in the burn pile. What a fun summer idea to do this but with stars for memorial or 4th of july.

    Great idea...thanks for sharing!


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