15 May 2009

My Book arrived.

I received my new book this week, which I ordered while at the Grand Designs Live show,
Kevin McCloud's Colour Now: An Expert Guide to Choosing Colours for Your Home. If you are a fan of Fired Earth paint colours then chances are you will love this book, as all colours used in the book match the 120 paint colours chosen by Kevin and produced by Fired Earth. Fired Earth colours have a subtleness about them, that's like listening to music but with sound turned low rather than played full blast, or a well cut piece of clothing that make the wearer look simple amazing.
As you flick through the pages of this book, its almost like the colours take you on a history lesson, recreating a place in time, or a memeory of worn leather, or damp moss and slate stone. A beautiful example of the power, and effect colour can have on us.

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