5 May 2009

Grand Designs Live Show.

Last week we flew over to the UK to visit the Grand Designs Live show at the Excel centre on the London dock lands. Having booked it last year for some reason I thought it was at Earls court, so on Sunday evening before flying over, I had to check out which trains to catch to get us to the other side of London. Well needless to say we did make it in one piece, and as it turned out the hotel we booked was just across the road from the Excel, how handy was that, just roll out of bed and pop over! I managed to get a few photos as we went around, so here they are.

Above, plant pots painted in the colours selected by Kevin Mccloud, for Fired Earth, 120 all together. I love these colours, they have a softness about them, but still vibrant.

lamp shades snapped in the interiors section, florals go big and bold.

Building with natural materials using in this instance oak timber frames.

These Eco hubs age great, ideal for holiday homes, and 50 of them are being whisked up to the Lake District very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.
Unfortunately I missed the signing by Kevin Mccloud, of his new book Colour Now, but I made sure I got my order in, so it should be with me very soon! But you can get one by clicking below, and its cheaper!

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