14 May 2009

Garden chairs spruce up

You may remember at the beginning of the week that I had snapped up these stripy chairs for the garden, but where in need of a little first aid, well in between the rainy days this week I have managed to get one finished, and I have to say I'm very impressed with how it has turned out.

Here's my first aid for garden chairs.

You will need:
Fine Sand paper.
Paint brush.
Wood stain suitable for garden chairs. I used B&Qs Quick drying wood stain in oak.
Damp cloth.
1. If you can, remove the seating fabric and wash. The seating section on these chairs just slid out, but had to be hand washed as the sides had thin rods stitched in to hold the seating in place.
2. Sand the chairs all over ready to receive the stain, follow the instructions given on the product that you choose to stain the wood, these vary from a light sand, to removing as much old stain as possible.
3. Once sanded down, wipe over with a damp cloth to remove dust.
4. If you notice any splitting of the wood like I had on one of the arms, repair using glue suitable for wood, you want one that drys clear. To hold the area in place while it drys, wrap string or tape around. leave over night to dry thoroughly.
5. Once everything is dry, stain the sanded wood with a coat of wood stain. A thin coat is better then a thick coat, you can always had more coats if needed, but I found that one coat is enough.
6. Replace the seating and there you have it, as good as new!
A quick tip for keeping your brushes as good as new, after cleaning, massage fabric conditioner into the bristles for a few minutes to keep them in tip top condition.

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