10 May 2009

First Aid for Garden Chairs.

Yes folks I have been at the charity shop again, and this time got myself some great chairs for the garden, I just love stripes in these colours, and a real bargain at just £10 for the pair. with not too much wrong with them that a bit of DIY first aid wont sort out, I set about giving them the once over with a bit of sanding paper and then a damp cloth to remove the dust.
As you can see in the photo below, a splinter of wood on the arm needed a quick repair to stop it getting any worse. With some glue suitable for wood I re stuck it down and wrapped a bandage in the form of some sellotape around until it had stuck. Works really well I have to say!
Next job is to get some wood stain to bring back the colour in the wood, so off to the DIY store Monday morning to get that sorted, check back later on in the week to see how they scrub up.

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