8 Apr 2009

Spring table

Create a wonderful table setting.

Its been said that eating a meal at a well set table aids in the digestion of your food and makes it a more social and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately the hectic life style that we all seen to lead these days very often mean that eating is all to often done on the run, and family meal times are eaten in shifts. This holiday how about making time to sit down and enjoy a well laid table, and hopefully some good home made cooking.! If your not sure where to start try looking in some home magazines for inspiration, or checking out the garden center displays as in the picture above. This display was spotted at St.Peters Garden Center last Saturday, and I couldn't resist whipping out my phone and snapping this shot, (I forgot my camera again, so will have to make do with this picture) of lovely pastel colored table ware and linen.

I also spotted these great kitchen accessories in pops of vibrant colours, to make cooking more fun.

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  1. Agree with you about having a pretty table! I like those 2 & 3-tier plate stands for appetizers and dessert!


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