2 Apr 2009

Quick Crafts

At the beginning of the week I had a declutter/spring clean of the sitting room, and once it was all lovely and clean and fresh I finished off by adding some fresh spring flowers. Flowers always make a room come to life don't you think? I had a Little bunch of dafs left over, not really enough for a big vase, but too many for a little one. So I used a glass jar, which in another life held the contents of some spaghetti sauce. Having just been given some material off cuts at the time, I improvised and wrapped a bit of the material around the jar, and tied it with some garden string, and hey presto enter one pretty little flower display.

On seeing how well this worked I decided to have a bit of a rummage around on the sewing basket to see if I could make in any better, and with another piece of fabric popped on these lovely little mother of pearl buttons, added some stitching around the edge and a bit more garden string and there you have it, how pretty is that!

Close up

Back view.

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