26 Apr 2009

Sew a garlic pocket

I received some material scraps recently, and in among the pile was a long strip of fabric, which at the time I had no idea what I was going to make with it. Well one idea I came up with was the glass jar make over, which transforms an old jar into a pretty vase for flowers. The other idea came about while practising my sewing on the sewing machine, trying to work out how to line a bag, and hey presto this little garlic bag was created. Its the perfect size for a garlic bulb to live in the kitchen. You can check out my other creations here at my other website.

21 Apr 2009

Create a garden in a sink.


Wow what a difference a few plants make! This old Belfast sink had been sitting in our Garden for a while now, and I thought it was about time I put it to good use. We headed off to our local Garden centre, Ransoms and bagged ourselves a selection of great looking plants suitable for tubs and baskets, then set about re homing them into the sink. I love this kind of gardening, so instant, and all for around £20.


16 Apr 2009

Match box make over.

After the spring clean of the draws in my kitchen this week, I used these little match boxes (spotted the ideas over at apartment therapy) to keep all those little bits and bobs in, that you need but seem to get lost at the back of the draws. I dressed them up a little using wallpaper and American craft card paper, to make them look a bit more.. well dressed up! Add on a magnet to the back, and place on the fridge, great for keeping paper clips, fuses, rubber bands, or anything else small.

8 Apr 2009

Spring table

Create a wonderful table setting.

Its been said that eating a meal at a well set table aids in the digestion of your food and makes it a more social and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately the hectic life style that we all seen to lead these days very often mean that eating is all to often done on the run, and family meal times are eaten in shifts. This holiday how about making time to sit down and enjoy a well laid table, and hopefully some good home made cooking.! If your not sure where to start try looking in some home magazines for inspiration, or checking out the garden center displays as in the picture above. This display was spotted at St.Peters Garden Center last Saturday, and I couldn't resist whipping out my phone and snapping this shot, (I forgot my camera again, so will have to make do with this picture) of lovely pastel colored table ware and linen.

I also spotted these great kitchen accessories in pops of vibrant colours, to make cooking more fun.

2 Apr 2009

Bold and Bright

Picture courtesy of Next.

Looking to add a splash of colour this spring to your home, without changing the decor? try adding bright accessories for pops of fun and colour using everyday items around the home.
Colour Sticker Wall Clock £25/€36;
Zeal Pendant Lights £35/ €51 each;
Bar Stools £55/€68 each;
Ceramic Bread Bin £30/€44
Ceramic Canisters (Set of 3) £24/€35;
Spotty Mugs (Set of 4) £8/€12;
Memo Board £18/€26
All available from Next, see in store of by post.

Quick Crafts

At the beginning of the week I had a declutter/spring clean of the sitting room, and once it was all lovely and clean and fresh I finished off by adding some fresh spring flowers. Flowers always make a room come to life don't you think? I had a Little bunch of dafs left over, not really enough for a big vase, but too many for a little one. So I used a glass jar, which in another life held the contents of some spaghetti sauce. Having just been given some material off cuts at the time, I improvised and wrapped a bit of the material around the jar, and tied it with some garden string, and hey presto enter one pretty little flower display.

On seeing how well this worked I decided to have a bit of a rummage around on the sewing basket to see if I could make in any better, and with another piece of fabric popped on these lovely little mother of pearl buttons, added some stitching around the edge and a bit more garden string and there you have it, how pretty is that!

Close up

Back view.

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