25 Mar 2009

The Big spring clean!

Having decluttered the bathroom, its time to hit the bedrooms.! Bedrooms should be a calm resting place, though at the moment my bedroom is anything but. It seems to be the room that collects the most clutter, not having room for an office and work room in our house, the bedroom triples up as a place to sleep, an office space for my Husband, and a craft room for me. So a declutter in here is not going to be easy. But these are the steeps I will be following. Here goes.

1. Create some floor space.
If the floor space is cluttered with clothes shoes and laundry baskets, tidy these items away, you will need some floor space for moving things about.

2. Tops of Wardrobes.
Are the tops of the cupboards a landing ground for clutter? mine too. I tend to keep those nice boutique shopping bags and store them up there, not really knowing what to do with them. Well its time to part company. You can put them out for recycling. Any other items that you don't need, or think you need but have not uses them for the last 6 months, its time to get rid.

3. In side Wardrobes.
Most of us only ever wear 20% of the clothes in our wardrobes 80% of the time! Get a bin bag and bag up anything that is to small, unworn, broken, dated, or just does not suit you. Donate the good stuff to your favourite charity, (mine is going to Hospice) now arrange the items left to make them more easy to find. I like to hang like for like together, so all skirts go together, trousers, jackets etc. You might like to arrange things by colour, its up to you. Just make sure everything in the wardrobe are items that you will wear. Do the same with shoes.

4. Dressing tables/bedside tables.
Sort through empty and old cosmetics and perfume bottles, not matter how pretty the bottle looks! Its done its job now throw it out! Like to read in bed at night? Books piling up? again donate these to charity or friends who like a good read.

5. The bed.
Sort through the bedding, any duvet covers, sheets pillow cases etc that are worn or torn, its time to get rid of these. Check under the bed, clear out any stray items. Check the condition of the mattress, is it time you had a new one?

6. Rest of Room.
Stand back and look around the room. What other areas need looking at.? Are there items that don't belong in here? Sports equipment, kids stuff, return items to there proper place.

7. A place of rest.
Now that you room is free of clutter, put fresh clean linen on your bed and enjoy a good nights sleep tonight.

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