13 Mar 2009

Rooting out the problem.

Mass of roots

I have to confess that gardening and growing things are not one of my stronger points, so any house plants we have need to be pretty indestructible. I have been known to kill off spider plants! But when I noticed one of my plants looking a bit sorry for its self I thought I better do something about it. This one has been with us for a few years now, but seems to have stooped growing and on further investigation I noticed that the roots have out grown the pot and have been busy growing around in circles at the bottom. May be that's the problem, its getting dizzy!

So it called for a trip to B&Q to pick up some houseplant compost and a bigger pot. (A tip for you here, measure the old pot size the your plant has grown out of before you go, because when you get to DIY store you will be standing in front of the pots wondering which size to buy) I bought a set of 3 16 inch pots for £2.12, and a 12 litre bag of B&Q houseplant compost at £2.76. For all you Eco lover out there, B&Q compost is a mixture of peat and alternative sustainable ingredients, and the peat does not come from areas of designated SSSi sites (sites of special scientific interest, though what makes them interesting I don't know)
After teasing out the roots a little, I put some compost in the bottom of the pot, then place the plant onto the pot and filled the sides in, filled the pot to the top and watered. And as you can see from the photo, the plant is looking much better.

Oh and another thing, you will need to place the plant and pot in a bigger container, as the one before will probably be to small, told you I'm not good at this stuff, lets hope my plant doesn't die off after the trauma of being moved!

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