31 Mar 2009

In the mood for a spring clean

 Yesterday I don't know what came over me, but I really got stuck into some spring cleaning, huge de-clutter, I mean I just  don't know where this rubbish comes from half the time! wallpaper samples, paint colour swatches, homes magazine galore, catalog's, I mean who is responsible for this stuff? 

1. Quick general tidy up, clear some floor space. Return kids stuff to kids room. Reunite DVDs with correct DVD covers, store away in cupboard. Take everything out of this room that does not belong here.

2. Tidy up magazine/book rack. I have to confess that I have piles of homes magazines, and it is very difficult for me to part with them. Try sticking articles and favourite pictures into a scrap book. Or try arranging them in imaginative ways.

3. As you work your way around, you may come across leads and cables which you have no idea what they are for. Everything from phones to camera, computers, laptops, play stations, seem to come with an endless supply of leads, even wireless stuff comes with leads. Next time you buy a new item that comes with leads, do your self a favour, get a little sticky label and write on it what it is and who its for, no good just writing on, for mobile phone, when every member of the house hold has one! Why not colour code each member of the family if you like. Mum has pink, so all mums leads have a little pink label on, Dad has blue, you get the picture. That way it takes some of the guess work out of trying to sort them all out.

Here's a pile I'll have to sort though later, a little homework for me.!

4. Sort through ornament's and brick a brac. Discard anything broken that cant be fixed. store away seasonal things, now that spring is here think about renewing your potpourri, I have a winter variety which composes of pine cone and red bits in it. No need to throw this away, you can actually bag this up and store it away until next winter. First pour the contents into a piece of fairly open weave clothe or tea towel, then get the vacuum nozzle and vacuum through the material. You will find that this loosen all the dust from the contents and freshen up the potpourri. Ready to be bagged up and stored away.

Once the room is looking declutterd, Give every thing a good dust over, pull the furniture away from the walls and vacume under every thing. Now stand back ane admire your handy work.
Finishing Touches. Arrange whats left neatly, and treat yourself to some sweet smelling spring flowers

Please feel free to add your own tips at the bottom of the post.

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