17 Mar 2009

Floor covering.

Whats down on the floor in your home? Do you prefer wooden floor boards, or the soft feeling under foot of carpet.? Well for me I have to say its carpet, but for a few years now there has been this love affair with wooden flooring, be it real, or laminate. So has the wool pile turned, is it time to pull up those fake laminate floor boards and reinstate carpet again? well if Danielle Proud has anything to do with it, then yes, she is on a mission to rekindle our interest in carpet and just to prove how versatile it is, she and a team of designers have teamed up with Fun on the Floor to do just that. They have been busy doing up a a Georgian town house in London to show case the latest styles and trends in carpet. And here's a sneak preview of what they have done, if you ever thought carpet is boring and just something to be walked all over then think again.!


To find out more, and who is taking part go to the fun on the floor website here.

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