28 Mar 2009

Cheats sea food Paella.

a box of ready made paella mix, I like this one (above) from Vesta, but you might have a favourite of your own.

Here's what I did.
1. Steam your muscles in a pan for a few minutes until the shells open, discard any that do not open these where dead before cooking and not good for eating. I like to add a clove of bruised garlic while steaming. Set to one side when done.
2. Heat up a little oil in a wok, and add the paella mix, pour over water (follow instructions on packet) turn down heat and simmer. For extra fishiness I added about 1/4 of a fish stock cube.
3. Cut the salmon into bite size chunks, add to wok when the water has reduced down. and is just covering the rice, gently cover the fish with the rice to help it cook through.
4. Once the salmon is cooked through, add the muscles, and at the last minute throw in the prawns just to heat through.
And that's it. Now get messy using your finger to eat the sweet juicy prawns, umm so so good really so so good.

On the menu is my cheats paella, I love sea food paella, but hate cooking, so this quick version is right up my street. I picked up some fresh muscles, salmon and large prawns from my local fish market in St. Helier, which cost just over £6.oo, and would serve two. Here comes the cheat bit,

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  1. Seafood from the Fin and Fish from the fish market.


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