3 Feb 2009

Getting Crafty

If there is one thing that is catching on fast this year, it is crafts. Our local paper reported that the interest in craft courses at our local highland college is on the up, with most of them being full up. So that begs the question, what new craft are you learning? Click in the comments at the bottom of this post to let us know. My efforts are more along the line of re-using things around the house, so what was once milk powder containers become storage for my bits and bobs. And a diary gets a make over with similar fabric. A little Blue Peter-ish I know! Hey I'm new at this.


  1. Recently me and various family members have begun to make our own cards - we thought it would be cheaper than buying store cards, but end up falling in love with so many of the bits that you need to do it that it probably isn't any cheaper per card - but the cards are fun to make, and much more personal.

    I have also been crocheting throws - I made 3 this winter, and would have made more if I had more time as they were admired by friends. They are warm and soft, great for a cold winter night, and I bought the wool from Imagination, at a cost of about £13 for the two 400g balls needed, so they have not been expensive.

  2. More people are taking up a craft this year, its really the in thing to be doing, perhaps you can share your pictures of your throws and inspire a few more people. Would love to see them.


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