31 Dec 2009

My highlights of 2009.

My highlights of 2009, goes like this,

  • Discovered blogs and blogging BIG time. Still hooked and loving it!
  • Started styling things around the home and taking pictures of them, which lead to the discovery of Polaroids (thanks to Ink on My fingers blog)
  • Started a flower arranging course, flowers every where for weeks on end! Family members still have not forgiven me for inducing chronic flower allergy.
  • Started an upholstery course, still have to finish chair.
  • Took part in the unravelling course, with the lovely Susannah Conway.
  • Fell in love with craft markets, now constantly stalking them.
  • Fell hook line and sinker in lust with anthropologie, gave strict instructions to daughter to visit store and take lots of pics. Still awaiting the the frill of actually owning something from said store, UK online store to launch in 2010.
  • Started a This Home Sweet Home Flickr group, so far just 2 members, me being one of them.
  • And last but not least getting 5 votes in the homies wards! Though can't really count my own really, roll on 2010, blogging all the way!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, hope to see you more in 2010!

29 Dec 2009

Interiors by Yoo

Philippe Starck has a strange story to tell you about the creation of Yoo and the book, Interiors by yoo ( I can't help it but his accent always reminds me of the villain in the Johnny English film, is it just me?)

24 Dec 2009

Signing off for now.....

Well I cannot believe that we are almost at the end of yet another year, it seems like it was just last month 2009 began! So as we head off into the holiday period, whether you are jetting off into the sun, spending time with family, or just enjoying some down time relaxing and recharging your batteries, (in preparation for the sales!) I would just like to thank you all for stopping by throughout the year, leaving comments and sending me emails and words of encouragement for my little blog, This Home Sweet Home. Blog land is a very different place to be in, and I have to say I enjoy being here immensely, and I enjoy reading all your blogs as well, gleaning some tips and ideas from them along the way, and occasionally meeting people in the flesh, yes real people, who have stopped by to have a read of This Home Sweet Home, it’s a strange thing meeting people who read your blog….a mixture of excitement and embarrassment, and flushed cheeks!

So I will be signing off for a few weeks, trying not to think of things to blog about all the time, but I may just be checking out other blogs every so often, have you stopped by Apartment Therapy lately? They are busy holding the Homies awards, and I can't resist having a look, yes more blogs to discover and follow! I have been voting on my favourites and the list is getting longer and longer , and includes;


Some of your favourites in there too,? and yes there are a few votes for This Home Sweet Home in the Home design section as well, so thank you once again for stopping by and showing your support, and see you in 2010! (another year to fill with blogging)

23 Dec 2009

Vote Vote Vote....please

Well I know this is a lot to ask of you lovely readers being as I bet you are running around like headless chicks at this time of year and all, but I have a little favour to ask of you, over at Apartment Therapy they are holding the Homies blog award and I would be forever grateful if you could spare just few minutes of your time to vote for me and it would put a huge smile on my face. If you click here, the link will take you to the web page, and all you have to do is sign in/up and type in my blog http://www.thishomesweethome.blogspot.com/ and that's it, such a simple thing to do to bring me a little joy!

22 Dec 2009

A hint of Pink.

Today the sun is shinning and on my window sill sits this plant, and this morning I got a little excited to see that the pink flower is starting to emerge, a wonderful sign that soon the cold short days will soon be passing, and, as of today the days should be starting to get longer! yippee! I'm not a fan of winter really.

20 Dec 2009

Take one set of pine Draws

You can buy very basic unfinished pine furniture very cheaply from DIY stores, or as in this case these ones where making their way into a charity shop when my husband spotted them and bagged himself a quick deal right there on the street, once home I decided they where perfect for a quick makeover and gave them a white washed finish with some left over emulsion paint, watered down a little to get the right look. This, by the way also makes a great undercoat if you cant lay your hands on any, just sand down the surface well first.
These draws are nearly finished, just need a coat of something to protect the surface, in the past I have used a wax finish, but for these I think I want something with a bit more protection not sure what I should use yet, but I'm sure I will find out. Then all that is needed are some new pretty handles, and the makeover will be finished.

19 Dec 2009

Three beautiful things

Today's post was inspired by the blog Three Beautiful Things which I came across the other day, and these paper creations seem to fit the bill.
My Mum use to say that when I was a little girl I had a thing about cutting up bits of paper, and there use to be a trail of random things cut up or glued around the house, well it seems that I have never really grown out of the cutting up bits of paper thing, I feel its always a shame to waste a pretty piece of paper or in the instance above, some wallpaper and a Greengate spring summer catalogue that where just far to nice to just throw away, so the pages of the catalogue have become these pretty little paper creations, and the wallpaper has become an origami box.
Very simple but most effective, I like to fill the boxes with chocolates and take them round to give to the host when invited for a meal to Friends homes. I have seen the little birds flying around on other blogs, but cant remember just where, when I spotted the pretty pages of the catalogue these just seems to fit so nicely. So there you have it, three Beautiful Things.

7 Dec 2009

Good Morning,

Good morning to you all, how was your weekend? I have had a pretty lazy weekend really, as I have been under the weather a little, and as it has been raining cats and dogs for most of it, decided that the best place to be was at home.

Having spent Saturday morning reading in bed, then lazing on the sofa in the afternoon, Sunday was spent catching up on some house work, (cleaned the bathroom with fresh lemons after reading the book review) and playing at being a stylist, trying out my shutters that I painted last week in various different places around the house. I tried them on the window sill, (very original I know) then on the mantel piece in my bedroom, and last on the side table by my bed. I think my favourite place is either on the bed side table or on the window sill, I love the way that the light is filtered by the shutters when on the window sill. Although my husband does not share my enthusiasm in styling the house with shutters, hes more interested in the use of an item then how pretty it looks, what about you, do your tastes differ from those of you partner? I guess I'll have to work on mine a little.

5 Dec 2009

Crafters out in force!

Awaiting link

Home Bird Decor
Website coming soon but can be found on twitter

Theresa Robinson Pottery

Anna Le Sueur, only sells local at the moment.

I love going to craft fair events and this month there are markets taking place all over the Island. Local jersey crafters' are pulling out all the stops this year, and there is a growing entrepreneurial trend sweeping over the island, the talent is amazing, every time I visit a craft fair there is somebody new creating more lovely items for the home. I caught up with one of these events on Thursday which was actually being held in someones home! the whole house had been turned into mini crafters market, and the smell of lavender, cinnamon sticks and mulled wine was filling the air with an intoxicating aroma, lovely. In each room there where lovely hand made items to delight and tempt you from beach inspired home accessories, to lovely rustic pottery, and lavender filled hearts and pillows. There where the old favourites who I have bought from in the past and some new faces, who I will be watching and probably buying from in the future! If you are lucky enough to live local I can highly recommend visiting these events to hunt out these lovely hand made items for your home.

Book review.

Earlier this week I received an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing a book! How exciting, my first book review! Well the book landed on my doormat yesterday, morning, So I spent this morning, a lazy Saturday in bed warm and cosy, Reading through Ms. Harris's Book of Green Household Management: The Essential Thrift Bible written by Caroline Harris, who is a journalist and mother, and also the Author of several children's non- fiction books. She has been a senior editor on the Observer, the Daily Express and has contributed to publications including the Sunday Telegraph, Evening Standard and The business.
After the birth of her son, she was inspired to change old habits and with her partner, have been trying to make their lives greener and more sustainable.
It couldn't have come at a better time, having been previously pouring over my bank statement and thinking we need to tighten our belts a little more so to speak, (my Husbands hours have been cut at work, which I think many people can relate too, what with the credit crunch and all) I was drawn to the word Thrift in the title and the prospect of money saving tips had me hooked. Actually the book is more about being green, but saving money along the way (by living with in your means) is a little incentive which helps. Does Living within your means mean going without? I ask myself.

Well having had a read through, I have discovered that living within our means is actually not as hard as it first sounds, for instance Caroline recommends things like forward planning, know what you are cooking for the next few days even up to a week, and use left overs rather than just throwing them away, a bit of forward thinking can save both time and money, not spending money on a dozen different house old cleaners, but rather use products that can be found in the kitchen such as bicarbonate of soda, lemons and vinegar.
The book is filled from front cover to back cover with a whole host of thriftier and greener ideas to help with the smooth running of the modern home, its like a gentle reminder on how to save money and live a more sustainable life. The subjects included range from detoxing you home, growing you own veg, making home made jams and bread and other recipes, sewing and mending your own clothes, and an interesting chapter on thriftier and greener family celebrations, for instance where to find ethical wedding rings, and where to buy diamonds that are conflict-free, and gold from ethical sources.

This book is not about installing solar panels and reed beds but more about making small changes in your every day life, its a straight forward practical no frills book that provides the reader with all the information needed to be more sustainable and save money. Described as a Mrs Beeton for the twenty-first century,it is a very useful book to have close to hand.
You can find her website/blog at http://www.ms-harris.com/ where your own comments and tips are very welcome.

2 Dec 2009

Take a pair of shutters

Here's a quick before and after, I had intended to dispose of these shutters a while back, but a they have been sitting in the spare room and today I had a light bulb moment and a spare couple of hours to hand, and voila, its amazing what a lick of paint can do for an unused item. rested against the window in my kitchen I think they look rather nice. But I intend to have a bit of a play around with them during the rest of the week and see how they can be used decoratively around the house, tune in latter, as they say.


1 Dec 2009

Folksy finds

Folksy have produced a Folksy Festive Sampler, a kind of news paper to show case some of the great items available on folksy, you can down load it here or if you would like a paper one click here for more details, but hurry as they only have a short supply of them. produced with the help of www.newpaperclub.co.uk

23 Nov 2009

Colour Board.

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the colour grey? If you live in the UK then you can be forgiven for thinking grey is a dreary colour that conjures up thoughts of long cold wet winters, filled with grey skies, but surprisingly grey is growing in popularity both in fashion and in interiors trends for Autumn/Winter2009/10.
Grey is becoming the new neutral colour instead of beige, I always feel that grey is quite a grown up colour, very serious, and sober, but also very chic, and luxurious, its a colour like black and white that is perhaps timeless. What strike me from looking at the above pictures is actually how calming grey can be. Warm greys and grey silver tones can be complimented with pops of bright accent colours of reds and deep pink, aubergines and mustard yellows. The use of textures such as cashmere and wool add a luxurious feel, making you feel cosy and safe. Perhaps in these economic times of unrest, grey is just the colour that we need, providing us with some escape form the stressful world outside.

Credits to:
Living etc magazine, Styling Emma Thomas, Photography Emma Lee
Homes and Gardens Magazine, Styling Kate French/Mary weaver, Photography Tom Leighton/jack Curtis
Toast Styling Leslie dilcock Photography Jonathan west
For more information on colour trends go to mix colour updates

17 Nov 2009

Flickr Group.

I thought it would be nice to have a This Home Sweet Home Flickr group, I don't know about you, but I love a good before and after photo of a diy/ decorating project, and I also thought it would be nice to share them on this blog as well, so if you have any home related projects that you have on the go or have just finished and would love to share them, well knock yourselves out and get adding you photos. Each month I will pick out a few that have caught my eye and pop them up on this blog for all to gain inspiration from. Just go to the link http://www.flickr.com/groups/thishomesweethome or you can click the link on the right side column picture (like above) to take you there. See you over there!

The Upholstery Course So Far...

You may remember that in September I started a couple of short courses, one of them being upholstery, (find previous post about it here) well I thought I would treat you to a little update on how things are going, I did repaint the chair black as you can see from the photos above, and so far the the chair has undergone a new webbing base, added new springs, (the holes in the bottom where not gun shot holes as I had first suspected, but rather the old springs that had some how parted company leaving 3 great big holes, though I think the gun shot story had a better ring to it..see here) and the first cover of hessian. Now I know that that does not sound like a lot has gone on, but let me tell you, its actually quite a physical job to reupholster a chair, you would not believe how many tacks embedded into the wood you have to first remove, then there is the filling in of all the holes again, sanding painting etc etc. Things would of moved on a little quicker if I had been able to get my hand on the correct equipment and tools, living on an Island sometimes throws up the problem of nobody stocking what you need, so for now things have come to a halt, as I now need some pretty big needles, and stuffing, then some wadding and more hessian to finish it off.....I'm running out of steam with this and am seriously considering handing it to a proper upholster to finish it off....



I did however finish off one piece of furniture, (well almost, I'm thinking of painting the legs so I need another trip to B&Q again) a footstool which had an orange cover to it, very 70s, which I thought would make a good practice piece before taking on the chair (I thought I was being ambitious with the chair until I saw what some of the other ladies where working on... a HUGE chaise lounge!) I gave it a new lease of life by adding a patch work cover, then i spotted the colourful edging at the Charity shop and added it to the edge and ... voila much better.

Have you done anything like this given a new lease of life to something? Are you learning new skills in these times to chiconomy?

12 Nov 2009

Love for vintage and retro continues...

Images from amazon.co.uk and H is for home

There is nothng quite like the feel of a bakelite phone handle in your hands, and that sound you get from dialing each individual number in the dial, of course numbers use to be some what shorter back then, but we are still loving these vintage phones, and more recently phones from the 50s 60s and 70s are seeing a raise in interest. If retro is your thing then how about something like the lovely turquoise one above, really adding a pop of colour to your work desk, or what about the bulls eye phone top centre, are we going to see a return of the mods? remember them?
For places to buy check out H is for Home or amazon for retro or vintage phones, or check out the second hand/charity shops where you may be able to get the origianls.

10 Nov 2009

Magazine of the Month

Moving Home? read on........
Click photo to visit site
This months Magazine is slightly different from the usually as its not one that you will find on the shelves in your local supper market, Exchanged is a biannual magazine published in March and September produced in association with The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and is distributed through members of the RICS for their clients, that being home buyers. The magazine is described as "The definitive guide to moving home” and aims to help house buyers plan and select their moving and refurbishment needs, exploring home design, style and practical challenges.
I have been given the Autumn/winter 2009 addition to have a look through, and if you are planning on buying a home, it s full of very useful information from understanding exactly what you are signing up for when you get a mortgage, to making your mark on your new home, plus there is a whole section by kelly Hoppen giving you advice on the interior of your home, and show casing her own famous elegant style, and about how she combines her Notting Hill shop with her design studio and interiors school.
The best bit is that you can get all this info on the website at http://www.exchangedonline.com/

Kelly Hoppens Home

So if you are planning on moving home in the near future this magazine is defiantly worth a read!"

9 Nov 2009

Lovely comments.

I'd just like to start the week off my saying thank you for all the recent lovely comments you have been leaving on my blog, and for your emails too, its nice to share a common interest with people, and to know that you enjoy the blog, do keep them coming you would not believe how just a few comments can put a smile on my face and give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
But unfortunately I have had to turn on the moderate button as those naughty spammers are about, leaving comment not even vaguely related to homes and decor etc. So if you do leave a comment it will not be posted stright away, I will be checking it out first.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

6 Nov 2009

This is My Habitat competition.

Hello every body, I'm back from my weekend away, did you think I had got lost? I have been a bit lazy this week, and not blogged at all, but this morning I opened up my emails and great news, those lovely PR people from shiny red dropped me a line so I could pass on to you some exciting news about Habitat!
By now you are probably aware that Habitats new campaign is called 'This is my Habitat' (for some reason I get a song in my head and start singing this is my..... habitat.... to the tune of I did it my way) fronted by non other then Helena Christensen, well today habitat launches a 'this is my Habitat' competition, and invites you, yes you, (UK home dwellers) to dig out your camera and share what makes your house a home, what gives you the ahhh good to be home feeling when you unlock your front door after a hard day at work.
So for all you fans of design and interiors, unleash your inner interior stylist, get snapping and share your creative style, and your favourite habitat piece of furniture with the rest of Great Britain, and get this! you could be the next face of Habitats 'this is my habitat' campaign. The prize also includes a photo shoot in London, an overnight stay at a 5* star London hotel, plus £1,000 worth of Habitat vouchers! Sounds good?
Want to know more? click through to the Habitat site here. AND not only that, if like me you are unable to actually step into a real larger than life Habitat store (not because I have some strange tick that stops me from crossing the doors of huge department stores, but because I live in Jersey), Habitat’s online store goes live this week. Customers around the UK are now able to order from across the entire range of home furnishing and accessories and get it delivered to your door,... all from the comfort of that so very stylish sofa you are sitting on! Go on you know you want to give it a go.....Gosh all this excitement is making me giddy.

30 Oct 2009

Weekend starts here!

No Folksy Friday finds today, as I'm off for a little weekend break to one of our neighbouring Islands, so see you back here next week, hope you all have a great weekend.

28 Oct 2009


Where you lucky enough to go to the opening of Anthropologie in London? I wish I could of been there, instead I had to settle with giving my daughter strict instructions to go and take lots of photos for me, and I have to say she did not disappoint. I was going to add them all in one post but as there are so many I will split them up into two. Otherwise you could end up with an Anthropologie over dose!

There you have it a tour of the store, whats your favourite photo? I love all the colours, justs makes want to go paint a dresser and fill it up with brightly coloured blankets and throws, I'm here that soon there will be an online shop for all of us UK Anthropolgie lovers, can't wait.
More Photos latter guys!

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